exploring stuttgart

exploring stuttgart

A few weeks ago I went to Stuttgart with my sister to visit our grandpa and a friend. I never really felt connect or let alone enchanted.. I have been there before to visit my grandpa but I never really got to see and explore the city. This weekend we actually did exactly that. We went up on a hill at the edge of the town and actually had a beautiful view over the city.



Then we went towards the town center where on a square the just happened to be a little flea market over which we strolled not necessarily to buy anything but just to take the atmosphere in.


One thing we really wanted to see was the market in the Markthalle Stuttgart. If felt like a throwback to my summer holiday last year in Turkey. There so many stands with amazing food that I didn’t know where to look first.


I also read that upstairs there would be a nice shop (I don’t know why that’s mentioned in a travel guide but I guess it makes sense since this shop was really cool). It was decorated really christmassy already, the lights twinkled and it smelled of cozy nights in. The whole interior there really made me wish christmas would hurry up a bit.



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