A weekend in Northern Ireland

A weekend in Northern Ireland

Over the bank holiday we went to Newcastle, Northern Ireland.



We took the bus Friday afternoon and stayed until Monday, which gave us two full days to enjoy the surroundings.



On Saturday we went hiking. The weather was beautiful until almost to the top of the mountains. We went up the Slieve Donard, which is the highst mountain in Northern Ireland with around 850 metres. It was quite a hike but I really enjoyed it. After being at the top we went down a bit to a little valley from which we could see the forest and sea. Unreal. Then we went up to the mounatin beside it and along the mountain crest. It was soooo windy that we were leaning against the wind in what felt like a 45 degree angle. And it was so much fun. Without our hiking leaders I would have had no idea which way to go though.

On the way down we came across a little river, which led us through the forest. It felt so autumnal and it was one the best hikes I’ve ever been on.



On Sunday I decided to go climbing. I’ve never climbed outdoors before so I was wuite a bit nervous. But I had soo much fun. It’s totally different to clmibing indoors on a climbing wall. It feels so much more real. And of course you don’t have specific holds that you can use. You just have to see which ledges and clefts in the rock works for you. I loved it so much and definitely want to do it again. And when you reach the top you have an even more stunning view. Luckely we had the sun shining on our wall and it also faced the sea. Perfect.


Hedge Maze

On our way back to Galway on monday we had a little secret stop at one of the world’s largest hedge mazes. It took me over half an hour to find the right way, but it was a lot of fun. I’ve never been in a maze before I believe and I did get a bit frustrated at some points but since the sun was shining again and I was with my friend I didn’t really mind that it took us so long.

Overall it was just such a beautiful weekend – the sea, mountains, weather, and sports. Perfect. Because I loved it so much I’m already planning my next trip to Northern Ireland. It’s going to be Belfast and I’m already soo excited for it!

Do you have any tips where to go and what to do in Belfast? Have you ever been in Northern Ireland and where did you go?

I wish you a beautiful rest of the day, enjoy and make the most of it.





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