Making an advent calendar

Making an advent calendar

I know I’m already a bit late – sorry for that! But I wanted to talk a bit about christmas coming up and thus advent calendars. First of all, I absolutely love christmas and the run down to it. And as most of us I used to have an advent calendar to get even more excited. I don’t know if we ever really had a bought chocolate one but I know that we had one that was reusable. It had 24 little boxes on a kind of reef and our mother put chocolate and other little sweets in for my sister and me. Now that I am a bit older I don’t want to eat chocolate every morning anymore. Also chocolate advent calendars that are vegan are freaking expensive (why I don’t know..). So here are my two favorite alternatives for you!

1. Tea advent calendar

I love drinking tea anyway and a tea calendar combines that with the excitement I have when I find out what’s in my today’s calendar. You can buy them already done or do it yourself. Maybe you can make one for a friend and they for you. That way you have no idea with different kinds you are going to get.

2. Personalized calendar

If you want to get a bit more creative with your christmassy preparations you could also make a whole calendar of everything nice you can think of. That can involve some sweets, nice quotes, maybe some nice little bits and bobs or (what I think is such a nice thing to do) things that you love about the other person. So everyday they open their calendar it’s like you’re giving them a compliment why you think they are amazing. I don’t know about you but I definitely wouldn’t mind that. And since you’re probably eating cookies and chocolate a lot anyways it doesn’t hurt to treat your soul a little bit also and not just your tummy. Of course you can also put pictures in, recipes, coupons, etc. I think it’s an amazing way to get a bit creative, treat one another nicely, and get in the festive mood.

So have fun with creating your special advent calendar for a friend or family! (Of course you could also just do 12 days of christmas! Then you have bit more time, aren’t late and need less ideas 😉 )

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