Our glasses of thoughts

Our glasses of thoughts

Sometimes it’s almost alarming how much power our thoughts have over us. Our thoughts determine how we see everything that happens around us.

The same thing can happen to two people and they can react totally different. Our thoughts are like glasses that distort our view of the world. These glasses are made by prior experiences that shape our feelings, believes, and thoughts. Once we have them on every new filtered experience turns into evidence for what we already believed and then in return strengthen our glasses further.

So let’s all try to take of our glasses from time to time, to take a step back and think about if what somebody said or said actually was exactly how we perceived it or if there aren’t other possibilities how the person’s behavious could’ve come about. Try on a friend’s glasses or try to bring yours to the optician and make a bit more positive and maybe less strong so you can see through all your filters what actually happens around you. Let’s try to be in the moment and just absorb what happens around us, not thinking about it or judging, just acknowledging it.

Maybe this would lead to more understanding and compassion for each other and appreciation for what surrounds us.


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