Exploring Berlin

Exploring Berlin

Every time I visit a new city I wonder how I want to experience and explore it. Do I wanna go to all the tourist attractions, visit monuments, museums, galleries, theatres, do I wanna try out all the cafés and restaurants, or just wander around through the streets and see what I find along the way? How can I absorb the place.

When I was planning my trip to Berlin with its many different facets, quarters, and probably inexhaustable possibilities, I wondered the same thing. With only two days at hand I knew I couldn’t do everything (which you probably even can’t if you live there). I decided to just wonder around the streets where I stayed, taking whichever street looked appealing to me. For me it was the best decision. I wasn’t where all the tourists would go, which made me almost feel a little like I lived there. I got to know the neighbourhood and knew which streets would bring me where, which felt amazing. The wonderful thing in Berlin is that even if you’re not in the total centre of it there’s still life and different shops, restaurants, and people going for a stroll. I wants just got a take away pizza (which was btw one of the most amazing pizzas if everrrrr eaten and that even though it didn’t have cheese!), sat on a bench and just took in my surroundings and watched the people going by. Loved it.

But to get some variety and not just explore the area where I stayed, I also looked up some things that I wanted to do and see as well as some vegan restaurants which were amaaazing.


Schloss Charlottenburg’s park – The castle itself is also an attraction but instead of exploring the inside we went for a walk through the park, which is beautiful! Loads of old trees, small paths, a little lake and river, a playground. Some parts reminded me of the Schloss Nymphenburg in Munich, others of parts of the English Garden (Munich). It was so calming and relaxing to stroll around and made me want to move to Berlin just to be able to do it every day.

Tempelhofer Feld – This got recommended to me by multiple people when I told them about my trip to Berlin. Unfortunately it rained to much when I wanted to go (I was planning on renting a bike but that would’ve been no fun), but I think it must be worth a visit.

MauerparkflohmarktBernauer Str. 63-64 (open on Sundays): the biggest and coolest flee market I’ve been to so far. There’s amazing food including the best (and only) vegan gyrus I’ve had in my life, as well as other food from all over the world. You have maaany stalls with people selling second hand clothes, house goods, vinyl, jewellery, etc. as well as cool and small companies from Berlin. Absolutely worth a visit if you’re in Berlin over the weekend! I found this market only thanks to Diana, so a huge thanks to her!

Superconscious StoreWeinbergsweg 22: Clothes store with fair trade and sustainable clothes that looks amazing.

Museums/galleries that are bit more unique (/and contemporary):

Bus 100 – If you wanna see some of Berlin’s sights the bus line 100 is your best friend. It passes various attractions, is a double-decker, and costs only as much as any other bus. This way you can be touristy without showing it too much 😉

Berliner Philharmoniker & Waldbühne: If you get the chance definitely go to a concert of the Berliner Philharmoniker! We went on Sunday evening at the Waldbühne which I’d also whole-heartedly recommend – to see the farewell concert of the conductor – and it was beautiful! Because it rained everybody had coloured raincoats or plastic bags which turned the usual black into a sea of colours! For the last song everybody sang and took out their phone or lighters. We were in such good spirits that on the way home in the train everybody sang along the recordings and said goodbye to everybody who got off the train at the different stations. A very special evening and beautiful energy.


Benedict Uhlandstraße 49 : Oh my god, this was possibly the best breakfast I have ever eaten! The place is beautiful, kinda rustic/industrial with gold metal, white tiles, big palm leaves on the wall and marble tables. It serves breakfast 24/7 (it’s literally open 24 hours a day!) and it’s not a vegan place, it serves everything. I had vegan omelette with beet root dip, hummus, some sort of smoked aubergine dip, home-made buns and home-made apple-something. It was delicious!

Geh VegBirkenstraße 30: This on the other hand is a very vegan place and very delicious as well! They make all sorts of food including vegan ice cream and cake. The breakfast I had consisted of various dips, fruit, and things I don’t even know what they are, but very yummy nonetheless. It’s pretty small and cosy, but it can be hard to find a seat.

La Stella NeraLeykestraße 18: got recommended to me for having the best vegan pizza and tiramisu (which I unfortunately didn’t get the chance to test) from a very trust-worthy source so if you’re in Neuköln def check it out.

Vegan gyros on the Mauerparkflohmarkt – I know this isn’t a restaurant or café but I just can’t not include it here.

Daluma pure raw superfoods – Weinbergsweg 3: super healthy and hipster store with loads of fresh juices, ginger shots, raw salads, etc.

Superfoods & Organic Liquids – Weinbergsweg 23: Basically same thing, also amazing. Generally, I just loved the whole Weinbergweg and the streets around it, so if not for food, then just walk around there for fun.

SirPlus- Wilmersdorfer Str. 59: Food that is still totally edible gets saved from being wasted and sold for a discounted price!! Less money you spend, high quality products, plus less food waste! Good things come in threes.

So to wrap it up – just explore and let your feet lead the way to discover hidden places and beautiful spots, try all the food (if you are a foodie like me and if you’re not as well) and just enjoy the feeling of your feet on the ground and being surrounded by the city and its energy.

































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