absolute fav perfumes

Welcome to my blog! Just as the seasons are changing and you can really feel spring’s just around the corner I thought I’d do a little post about my favortie perfumes. They aren’t just suitable for spring, I love them all year round.

The brand I love the most for thir perfumes is definetly Jo Malone. I basically love all their fragrances, I think they don’t smell like you’re wearing perfume they just make you smell amazing, if you know what I mean. It’s really hard to describe but I think if you have ever smelled one of the perfumes you know what I mean. I also really like that you can mix and match the different fragrences or (of course wear them on their own). Either way they smell just beautiful. What I especially like about being able to mix the perfumes is that it doesn’t matter if you wore the same scarf yesterday and sprayed it with a different perfume, I think that’s just perfect!

So most of my perfumes are from Jo Malone and all of them were either birthday or christmas presents (best presents ever!!). They also come in two sizes – 30 ml or 100 ml – mine are all the small sizes, just because I just like having more variety and don’t use my perfumes on an every day basis. My absolute favorite of all is the very classic “Red Roses”! If I wear that fragrance I just can’t stop sniffing myself because I am just so in love with the smell. It’s soft and fresh with the perfect rosy smell. I feel very feminine, delicate and lovable when I use it. But I love them all.


“Grapefruit” is really fresh but, unlike a lot of other products that have a citrusy smell, it doesn’t smell like soap or anything similar. It’s just really fresh and uplifting, if I use it I am in a better mood immediately. “Peony & Blush Suede” is a sweeter scent that I can’t really describe. I love it as an every day or day time scent but you can use it on a night out as well. With all of them I feel like they always suit whatever situation you are in just right. Last but not least “French Lime Blossom”, it’s the first perfume from Jo Malone. I would say it’s again a fresh but also flowery scent, it very light and not obtrsive in any way. I feel like it’s quite a young smell, if there is such thing.


Leaving my Jo Malone smells there’s another brand I love for perfumes – Giorgio Armani. I have “Si” and “Agua Di Gió”. Both I got from my friends for my 18th birthday so apart from their lovely smell they also hold a personal value. When I smell “Agua Di Gió” I always think of a flower shop, but in a good way. It’s fresh, flowery yet original and one of my favortie smells for spring. It makes me think about new starts and oportunities and makes me want to out into nature.


“Si” is a lot warmer and a little heavier and for me it’s really comforting. I love to wear it if I want to feel hugged and cozy, it makes me feel kind of secure (I’m talking like it’s a person weird…).


If you have some time on your handy or are anywhere near a Sephora or anything go give them a sniff and tell me which ones you like or even own! Or in general what perfumes you like I will check them out.

I wish you a lovely evening!!